Transportation in Costa Rica

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When in Costa Rica, if you want to go from one place to the other, there are several ways to do it. In fact, Costa Rica has a very strong transportation system, both public and private, and you will find easy to get from A to B, in any way you will expect.

Let’s talk firs of walking down town; some of the mayor cities have a lot of boulevards and promenades between parks and across the cities. Probably you will find from almost any Hotel or Office, on any city, a place to walk nearby, many of them are safe, especially during day hours.

Walking may be dangerous, like any other place, if you don´t know where you are. In all major cities in Costa Rica you will find lots of people trying to get on buses on time, and sometimes cities are crowded, especially on rush hour. You may find homeless around; some places can be dirty, sidewalks are not perfect either, and you may find difficulties finding sings around.

Then, you will consider bus for transportation. San José, and almost any mayor city in Costa Rica, is like a great bus station, and buses has their stops in all sidewalks, the problem is finding the right place to take the right bus, that can take you where you want to go, but I can assure you, you will almost find a bus that goes from near wherever you are, to near wherever you want to go, the challenge is to know where they park.

Must buses are clean, but they don´t have air conditioner, definitely crowded, and you will not find a map or signs that tell you where to step down the bus. I bet you tell the driver and he will do anything to guide you, but language can be a barrier. Of course, busses are cheap. Now, the really good places to go, like volcanoes, or different point of touristic interest, or some beaches, is not that easy to go in a bus.

The next is a Taxi cab. It is easy to find taxis, rates are regulated by government, they have to charge you whatever the meter says, and some taxi drivers may speak at least some basic English.

Like any other town on the word, there are good taxi drivers, and there are bad taxi drivers, and you may use your fine sense to determinate if you want to ride with a certain driver. Sometimes the hotel clerk or the office front desk girl has a preferred taxi driver they use to call.

Another way to consider is driving, and driving in Costa Rica can be a Nightmare. In general, roads and streets are basically good, but really crowded. There is an overpopulation of cars in Costa Rica. In almost any main city in Costa Rica, almost anywhere you go at almost any time, you will find traffic. This make Costa Rican car drivers transform into animals, almost a jungle law, where the biggest, strongest, boldest driver survive.

Signs are not that frequent, and sometimes you could get lost. Of course there is help in Waze, but sometimes even a local, get lost by Waze in more than one occasion.

At last, most tourist depend on special tourist buses, and guided tours to discover Costa Rica, and this is good, safe, and in general, you will learn many of the marvels Costa Rica has to offer. You have to adjust to the hours, pickup location and destination, and to deal with all other tourist there is on the same bus.

In we offer a different way to move around Costa Rica. Be bold, and discover Costa Rica on your own terms, safely, responsibly, we can take you to the nicest places, all around, discover beaches, volcanoes, towns, and the people of Costa Rica in a special taxi service dedicated for you.

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