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Outside the airport, you will find a group of taxis giving services from there to all the country, from the first flight of the day, to the last plane frequently the early hours of the next day, and sometimes non-stoping.

At the Juan Santamaría International Airport, there are a bit more than a hundred taxi units among which are sedan and microbuses. Those taxis are all certified to be in optimal driving conditions, and with accredited drivers, to give service to one of the most significant industries that Costa Rica has: Tourism.

Availability At The Airport

You can arrive there at midnight and find a taxi, sedan or microbus that takes you 150 miles with no problem, but I instead tell you it is better for you, to have a reservation, avoid unpleasant surprises and make it online on our website. Click here.

There are taxis 24/7/365 at the airport, but usually, people start asking for services at what we call The First Flight of the day, which hour vary, from 4:00 am to 6:00 am. And it is heavy on the traffic of people up to what we call The Last Flight of the day, which is around 1:00 am or 2:00 am.

Prices And Facilities

Taximeter with printer

Prices depend on mileage, a rule of thumb is $3 by a mile on short with traffic distances (up to 25 miles), to $2 for middle to long range (50 miles up). This price is only a reference, and for a more accurate estimate, we recommend our price calculator and reservation tool Click here. Remember that we charge by Kilometer. 1.6 km for 1 mile. You can check about prices and regulations of all taxi services in our article about that on this website: Are taxis cheap in Costa Rica?

All Taxis at the airport accept credit cards, including American Express, and they also receive dollars or local money. It is not necessary to change money unless you bring something different than US Dollars.

Condition Of The Taxis

Taxi Driver on his Unit

Cars have to be in excellent driving conditions, and they are professional inspected twice a year. Without the inspection, they can not work at the airport. Cars have to be cleaned, and drivers have to be clean and wear uniforms and are frequently checked, without these conditions, the airport personnel does not let them work.

There are five different groups, all 135 units belong to one of those groups, each one has a separate office, phone numbers, and emails, and some of them have a website. None of them except ours, you can make a reservation online. Click here.

Orange Taxi Drivers

All orange taxis have professional proven, certified drivers, with a license given by the government, all drivers have a public transportation course, and at least three years with a regular license. If they commit traffic violations, they can have their taxi license remove, and can not work.

In our company, in addition to all the requirements that we fulfill, we give free WiFi on our taxis, and our drivers provide complimentary water bottles. We are very strict in complying with our rules on how to take care of our clients and their belongings. Our drivers have their background checked for your security and our prestige. Every day, around one 700 of around 7000 persons on average that pass through the airport, use our service.

Lost Items And Complaints

Every driver has to check around the taxi looking for objects, at the moment they drop off the client. But anyway sometimes they do not do that, or objects get into places that are hard to see. If you lose an object and suspect it was left in the taxi, you have to call the airport with the taxi plate number and date and time that you took the cab. Almost every time, the object is returned.

Juan Santamaría Intrnational Airport contact information
webpage .
Phone number +506 2437-2400 .

It is essential to keep the ticket, so you have the taxi information. If you made a reservation online it is even better, you can call the company, and we will know who take you to your destination, and can contact them right away.

It is also essential to make the complaint as soon as you realize you lose your item. The less time pass, the higher the opportunity to find the object. Rember that taxis are used all day, and we do not know about the next client that takes the unit.

If you have a complaint of driver misconduct, you should call the airport and make the report. We take reports seriously, and the Airport authority, even more.

Taken other services at the Airport

Make sure you take an Orange Airport Taxi for your safety. The Airport Authority does not regulate Red regular taxis or pirate services, so a complaint of misconduct or lost objects against them will not work at the airport.

Safety should be your primary concern, Costa Rica is a costly country, we know, but cutting corners on land travel services may be much more expensive in the not so long run. So be safe and take only official transportation, there is a good reason why: Your safety.

Government Procurement Process

Every taxi passes through a procurement process where several aspects are evaluated. The condition and experience of the owner and his record as a taxi driver are among the things they consider.

Once they pass this hard and complicated legal process, they assure a concession for several years, unless they commit serious traffic faults or serious misconduct with customers.

With repeated complains, the Government will take the concession away, and the owner they driver will lose their jobs, so it is essential for us to behave, and play by the rules because the consequences are severe.

Frequently Ask Question

Is English widely spoken in Costa Rica? At tourist places and in the main cities, almost certainly you will find people that speak English. One of the problems that face people that come to learn Spanish is that everybody wants to talk to them in English. Taxi drivers will speak some English, at least the necessary to find out where you are going and what could be your basic needs at the taxi.

Is it dangerous to visit Costa Rica? Costa Rica is a country in Central America, between the drug producing countries in South America, and the drug consuming countries in North America, so we are located where they call the drug ally. That provides an increase in crime and violence in all the zone. However, Costa Rica keeps with low crime rates compared to its peers at the northern triangle in Central America, which is Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Apart from very few exceptions, Costa Rica is a very safe place for tourist as long as you keep yourself safe. Stay at tourist places, travel on tourist means, etc.

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