This is our F.A.Q. section, where you can learn more about us and how you book a taxi, and some much more. If your question is not mentioned here feel free to contact and we’ll be happy to help you.

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1. How to make a reservation

In this section you will information on how to make a reservation

On our App or Website, you can select your origen and your destination, the system will calculate your closer route, kilometers and estimated travel time.

The car you select depends on the number of passenger and the amount of luggage you have. In a Sedan up to 3 passengers and on a mini bus, up to 6 passengers.

Select the date you need the service and the exact time you need to be picked up from your origen. If you arrive at the airport, on check out, you will be able to give us your flight number, so we can wait for you.

Estimate your rate and go to check out, give us your name, email, and information and complete your reservation. You can pay us with PayPal.

2. lost & found

If an item is lost you can be sure that we will have it for you.

If you loose some item on one of our vehicles, you may ave it back following three easy steps, have a clear description of your item.

Contact us, via email, phone, WhatsApp or Facebook, descrive your item, give us exact time and date and number of vehicle, and we will look for your item.

If we find your item, you are welcome to come to our office at the Juan santamaria International Airport, betwen regular office hours.

It does not matter if you lost it today or several days before, every item we found, we keep it to be returned to the owner, as long as we find it.

3. Payment and Cancelation

Find our Policy of cancelation of reservations.

To assure your reservation, we accept payments via PayPal, this way you can be sure of your ride.

You can pay on arrival.

A reservation can be canceled at least 24 hours before, with a 10% cost from banking fees.